Benefits of Office Plants

Benefits of Office Plants

Other than just looking great, study after study has affirmed the value of office plants in interior settings.

Office Plants make people happy.

According to several University studies, a few green additions in office environments cause workers to be more satisfied with their jobs, translating to lower turnover and substantially reduced HR costs.

They improve indoor air quality.

People live indoors and the EPA rates indoor air pollution as one of the world’s top environmental health risks. Office plants are proven to filter airborne toxins and deliver oxygen back to the air helping people live more healthful lives.

Plants add value to interior spaces.

It’s simple– people like plants. When planters and plants are creatively displayed in office and retail settings, they communicate value to employees and customers alike, enhancing a business’ value proposition impacts bottom line results.

Acknowledged by NASA

Even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, understands the value plants for air filtration and the benefits of office plants. The graphic below shows what’s in our air, how it impacts us, and the best plants for filtering out the bad stuff. It’s the result of a 1989 study NASA conducted in conjunction with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. Take a look at the list of plants, and let us know which ones Universal Floral can deliver to you.

The Seven Main Benefits of Office Plants

  • help to reduce stress
  • They help to increase productivity
  • They help to reduce sickness and absence rates
  • They make workspaces more attractive to job applicants
  • They clean the air
  • They help to reduce noise levels
  • They can boost creativity

Contact us today to book a free consultation so Universal Floral can support you to add these benefits of plants within your office

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