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Universal Floral delighted to be part of Parking Day 2017 in collaboration with Mola Architecture

Refurbishment of the plants for the Clayton hotel in Central park

Posted by Universal Floral on Tuesday, 1 March 2016


“Universal Floral responds to customer needs quicker”

Universal Floral, one of the country’s most respected interior and exterior landscaping companies, has taken delivery of fleet of 11 new Fiat vans from Terry Lilly Commercials in Finglas, Dublin.

The vans are an integral part of the Universal Floral business, allowing the company respond quickly to customer needs and providing safe, comfortable and efficient transportation for employees and their delicate cargo.

The vans are an integral part of the Universal Floral business, allowing the company respond quickly to customer needs and providing safe, comfortable and efficient transportation for employees and their delicate cargo.

According to Noel Caffrey, Managing Director at Universal Floral, “With so many high-profile corporate clients it is hugely important that our installation experts and their vehicles make the best possible impression. It’s also important that our vehicles are as green as possible so our new fleet of Fiat Scudo and Ducato vans will not only help reduce our carbon footprint but also save us fuel and lower our running costs.”

Fiat Group Automobiles Ireland Managing Director Adrian C. Walsh commented: “It makes us immensely proud when a thriving business such as Universal Floral puts its faith in our vehicles and I’m confident that its fleet of new Fiat vans will provide years of efficient and reliable service, particularly with Terry Lillis Commercials taking care of the aftersales and service.”

Pictured is Noel Caffrey (left) of Universal Floral and Terry Lilly (right) of Terry Lilly Commercials.

Universal Floral Vans

Benefits of having plants at workplace

The environment of a work place involves way too much burden and a hectic routine very often. The routine involves lengthy work hours, meeting deadlines, piles of never-ending work and everything in between working and just working. We have always heard from our ancestors that nature has the solution to everything and how wonderful is the notion that nature does have the solution to everything and this also includes reducing stress at your workplace and improving your working skills and make it all pleasant and less depressing. It is called bringing nature to work in literal meanings.

Going all green in the office. The feeling of having your favorite plant right next to you, breathing fresh air to maxima and having a soothing smell for the senses makes it definitely worthwhile to bring a fresh green plan right now on your work place desk. The idea of having plants at work place has numerous advantageous effects not just psychologically but also physiologically. Some of the benefits include:

1- Reduction in stress:
Many scientific researches have shown that plants in the work place have been an active source of relieving psychological degenerative effects by 37 to 58%. These effects include anxiety, dejection, fatigue and hostility. Office plants have clearly shown to up lift the staff spirits and hence promoted performance and well-being.

2- Increment in Productivity:
Plants refresh the brain and its ability to perform cognitive tasks and help in bringing more concentration and focus. The more fresh oxygen given off by green plants inhaled and carbon dioxide exhaled the more the brain activity increases. This all leads to more productivity attributing to less mistakes, efficiency of work performance and less time consumption.

3- Less sick leaves:
One day off at work is loss of the whole company/workplace. Plants provide freshness and sense of refreshment at the work place which has been reported to decrease absenteeism by 50% according to recent researches. Lesser the absent people more would be the efficacy and productivity.

4- Cleaner breathing air:
Introducing even 1 plant per 3 persons at the workplace improves the air quality. The amount of CO2 can be reduced by 50% along with reduction in bacteria, dust, fungal molds etc. Increasing humidity by introducing correct ratio of plants at the work place not only reduces the dry air level from the place but also avoids the disturbance of tickly dry cough.

5- Sense of refreshment and colorful vision:
Colors have been long thought to boost brain’s memory capacity. Bringing in good and colorful flowers at the work place not only creates an aura of refreshment, good scent but also is pleasant to watch.

These along with many other related advantages are all linked with plants and your psychological and physiological betterment. It is time to go green at your work place and get rid of the feeling of being fatigued by work. This has been all made very easy with Universal Floral Display, we provide all the plant hiring and purchasing facilities for you anywhere and anytime because we care for you and believe in the greener the better.

To contact Universal Floral for a free quote please click here.


Taking the outside inside

The benefits to having plants in the office and the contributions they make to increasing productivity, reducing stress and improving the aesthetic of your environment.

Its no coincidence that a number of the American multinational and blue chip corporations contain our leafy growing friends scattered around the office. They have known for years that adding plants to their environment helps employee’s wellbeing. Humans by nature have been outdoor creatures, now we find ourselves cooped up indoors staring at computer screens for many hours a day. By adding plants, we are making our working environment seem more natural. So much so, that NASA carried out studies to prove this. They were able to determine that green offices with plants make staff happier and more productive than ‘lean’ designs stripped of greenery.

Think for a second of entering work everyday, looking at the mundane colours of grey, black listening to the tapping of keyboards or the constant ringing of phones. Well plants over some respite from this. They are natural absorbers for all these mundane noises. They wont absorb all the noise but they help to make a difference. Plants also work as natural air purifiers extracting all those toxic chemicals such as carbon dioxide flowing through the air and providing fresh oxygen.

The likes of Facebook and Google are both top companies, attracting the best talent. They go above and beyond to make their employees feel comfortable, providing free meals, gym’s etc. They understand that productivity is at the core of their business. The happier an employee is the better they will function. Unfortunatley most companies do not have the resources of Facebook or Google so providing free meals etc is out of the question, but if they are looking to increase productivity without the high expense then office plants offer a more cost effective measure.

Just like in the psychology of sport, when you are trying everything to get the most from your athletes you consider the small items that may add that extra yard, plants have proven to improve productivity by 15%. A 15% increase in productivity adds to the bottom line.

Facebook Dublin

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