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Benefits of Office Plants

Other than just looking great, study after study has affirmed the value of office plants in interior settings.

Office Plants make people happy.

According to several University studies, a few green additions in office environments cause workers to be more satisfied with their jobs, translating to lower turnover and substantially reduced HR costs.

They improve indoor air quality.

People live indoors and the EPA rates indoor air pollution as one of the world's top environmental health risks. Office plants are proven to filter airborne toxins and deliver oxygen back to the air helping people live more healthful lives.

Plants add value to interior spaces.

It's simple-- people like plants. When planters and plants are creatively displayed in office and retail settings, they communicate value to employees and customers alike, enhancing a business' value proposition impacts bottom line results.

Acknowledged by NASA

Even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, understands the value plants for air filtration and the benefits of office plants. The graphic below shows what's in our air, how it impacts us, and the best plants for filtering out the bad stuff. It's the result of a 1989 study NASA conducted in conjunction with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. Take a look at the list of plants, and let us know which ones Universal Floral can deliver to you.

The Seven Main Benefits of Office Plants

  • help to reduce stress
  • They help to increase productivity
  • They help to reduce sickness and absence rates
  • They make workspaces more attractive to job applicants
  • They clean the air
  • They help to reduce noise levels
  • They can boost creativity

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office plants maintenance service

Corporate Office Plant Maintenance Service

Keeping plant life looking their best requires deft skill and proven experience. At Universal Floral our Customer Service Specialists are office plants maintenance service experts who have been trained to properly water, prune, feed, clean and dust your plants. Rest assured that your plants will look healthy, beautiful and vibrant all day, every day. We pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure that our customers can enjoy the many benefits office plants provide.

Our commitment to our customers is best exemplified through the professional manner, high skill-level and passion of our Customer Service Specialists, many of whom have decades of experience. Our excellent reputation is contingent upon converting your goals and expectations into works of art that simply take your breath away. Contact us online or call at 353 1 269 5031.

Plant rental service process

You want to add a little green to your business but must do so within the confines of a budget? Our office plant rental service is here to help you turn your greenscape dreams into a reality. While we often create customized plant designs for clients, customers do have the option of choosing one of beautiful office plant packages.

Due to the individual care live plants require, we highly recommend signing up for our plant rental service. You will never have to worry about watering your plants and our team of dedicated interior landscaping professionals is always only a phone call away.

Professional customer service with a smile

Universal Floral office plants maintenance service recognizes that first impressions last. Therefore, we want your first impression to be the most enjoyable and positive experience possible. We want you to feel just how much we value your satisfaction. We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount and we want to share our customer service excellence with you.

Our office plants maintenance service customer service specialists have decades of plant care experience. We will satisfy your interior landscaping needs as well as your ongoing plant care services that will enhance your property and inspire minds. We will do this and so much more - with a smile!

The value of professional indoor plant maintenance

Caring for office trees and plants can be quite challenging. A substantial amount of conditions go into keeping plants vibrant and healthy. Some plants love lots of light and lots of water. Other types of plants prefer indirect sunlight and shade with infrequent watering. The soil content requirements vary from one plant to the next, from one season to the next.

The ongoing care of indoor plants is a complicated task to undertake for most - but not for the plant care specialists at Universal Floral. We will maintain healthy balances for all of your plants while you merely savor the warmth and beauty of your new natural workspace. Universal Floral is your go-to indoor office plant service specialist.

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Benefits of Corporate plants in your Office Work space

Numerous scientific studies have proven the positives of having more greenery in your workspace. Here are the top seven benefits for employees-- and their employers

Humans have an innate desire to be connected with nature, which scientists call 'biophilia'. Unfortunately, the spaces we tend to spend most of our days-- workplaces-- tend to be stripped of much of their connection to the natural environment.

Studies have shown that simply adding some greenery in the form of indoor corporate business office plants can have major positive benefits for employees and their organisations. The same goes for remote or home workers, too. Here are seven reasons why you should invest in some plants for your own desk, or your wider workplace.

  1. They help to reduce stress

A 2010 study by the new University of Technology, Sydney, found significant reductions in stress among workers when corporate business office plants were introduced to their workspace. Results included a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety; a 58% drop in depression or dejection; a 44% decrease in anger and hostility; and a 38% reduction in fatigue.

Although the study's sample size was small, researchers concluded: "This study shows that just one plant per workspace can provide a very large lift to staff spirits, and so promote wellbeing and performance."

Proponents of colour psychology argue that the colour green has a relaxing and calming effect-- so decorating offices with this shade could potentially have a similar affect to introducing plants to the workspace.

  1. They help to increase productivity

Employees' productivity jumps 15% when previously 'lean' work environments are filled with just a handful of houseplants, according to 2014 research by the University of Exeter. Adding just one plant per square metre improved memory retention and helped employees score higher on other basic tests, said researcher Dr Chris Knight.

" What was important was that everybody could see a plant from their desk," Knight told The Guardian. "If you are working in an environment where there's something to get you psychologically engaged you are happier and you work better."

  1. They help to reduce sickness and absence rates

The 2015 Human Spaces report, which studied 7,600 offices workers in 16 countries, found that nearly two-thirds (58%) of workers have no live corporate business office plants in their workspaces. Those whose environments incorporated natural elements reported a 15% higher wellbeing score and a 6% higher productivity score than employees whose offices didn't include such elements.

Some experts argue that adding plants to the work environment can help to reduce the risk of sick building syndrome, although evidence to back up these claims is hard to come by.

A small study by the Agricultural University of Norway in the 1990s found that the introduction of plants to one office was linked to a 25% decrease in symptoms of ill health, including fatigue, concentration problems, dry skin and irritation of the nose and eyes.

The presence of plants can probably result in a positive change in the psychosocial working environment," commented professor Dr Tøve Fjeld in a 2011 blog post. Against the background of the psychobiological identity and mankind's positive reaction to nature, we can assume that plants have a particular effect on the sense of well-being.

  1. They make workspaces more attractive to job applicants

Commenting on the 2015 Human Spaces report when it was released, organisational psychology professor Sir Cary Cooper said: "The benefit of design inspired by nature, known as biophilic design, is accumulating evidence at a rapid pace. Looking at a snapshot of global working environments, up to one in five people have no natural elements within their workspace, and alarmingly nearly 50% of workers have no natural light.

  1. They clean the air

While humans need oxygen to survive, plants absorb a gas we don't need-- carbon dioxide-- and combine it with water and light to produce energy in a process called photosynthesis.

In the 1980s, scientists at NASA discovered that plants were adept at removing chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air, making it cleaner for humans to breathe.

More recent research led by Dr Fraser Torpy, director of the University of Technology Sydney corporate business office plants and Indoor Environmental Quality Research Group, has found that indoor plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels by about 10% in air-conditioned offices, and by about 25% in buildings without air conditioning.

" We found palms beat everything else for carbon dioxide," said Torpy. "But when it comes to volatile organics everything is the same-- it doesn't matter ... A medium-sized plant (anything above about 20cm) in a room will make really big reductions to those particular chemicals."

  1. They help to reduce noise levels

By absorbing sounds (rather than insulating against noise pollution), plants help to reduce the distracting effects of background office chatter. Positioning larger plant pots, in multiple locations in the edges and corners of a room has the great positive benefit, according to a 1995 paper by researchers at London South Bank University.

  1. They can boost creativity

The 2015 Human Spaces report also found that employees whose offices included natural elements scored 15% higher for creativity than those whose offices didn't include such elements.

Attention restoration theory suggests that looking at nature-- and even just images of nature-- can shift the brain into a different processing mode, making employees feel more relaxed and better able to concentrate.

Which plants do best in an office environment?

If you are looking for corporate business office plants within your workspace then our very helpful team at will be able to help. Simple call us on 353 1 269 5031 or fill in our form and we will be happy to arrange a free consultation that suits you

Plants can Help Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

Attracting new customers to your restaurant, cafe, pub or hotel is one of the ongoing, never-ending pursuit of managers of every hospitality venue.

Once a customer has visited and had a positive experience of the service you provide, that customer is very likely to return. Hopefully, customers like this will also tell all their friends to come too! has being reviewing this and according to a recent studies

84% of consumers are likely to look at more than one restaurant before choosing where to dine

Attracting new customers for the first time has a lot to do with how visually attractive your restaurant is from the outside. Your marketing could be the best in the world (and it needs to be!) but if the visual appearance of your restaurant is not good you could find that all those potential customers walk past your restaurant to one that looks more attractive down the road!

How many customers can you realistically expect to get? This interesting question is debated here.

Use plants to attract more customers is highly recommended by

We would like to share some ideas with you or how plants can help attract more customers to your restaurant. Below are some images of a few ways plants can be used to good effect and this might give you some ideas of how this could help you attract more customers to your restaurant. You might also like to browse our image gallery here for more ideas.

Call friendly design team on Freephone 353 1 269 5031

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and how plants can help attract more customers to your restaurant.

Our experienced Design Consultants will be pleased to take a fresh look at your premises and provide you with some innovative new ideas and a no-obligation quotation. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how little it can cost to create a fresh new look for your restaurant.

Consider how much it could cost you if a percentage of your potential customers went to a nicer-looking restaurant ...!

How Plants Boost Productivity

Why Plants Support Office Productivity with Staff

Office Productivity and How Plants Helps

'Green' offices with plants make staff happier and more productive than 'lean' designs stripped of greenery, new research shows.

In the first field study of its kind, published today, researchers found enriching a 'lean' office with plants could increase productivity by 15%.

The team examined the impact of 'lean' and 'green' offices on staff's perceptions of air quality, concentration, and workplace satisfaction, and monitored productivity levels over subsequent months in two large commercial offices in the UK and The Netherlands.

Lead researcher Marlon Nieuwenhuis, from Cardiff University's School of Psychology, said: "Our research suggests that investing in landscaping the office with plants will pay off through an increase in office workers' quality of life and productivity.

" Although previous laboratory research pointed in this direction, our research is, to our knowledge, the first to examine this in real offices, showing benefits over the long term. It directly challenges the widely accepted business philosophy that a lean office with clean desks is more productive."

The research showed plants in the office significantly increased workplace satisfaction, self-reported levels of concentration, and perceived air quality.

Analyses into the reasons why plants are beneficial suggest that a green office increases employees' work engagement by making them more physically, cognitively, and emotionally involved in their work.

Co-author Dr Craig Knight, from the University of Exeter, said: "Psychologically manipulating real workplaces and real jobs adds new depth to our understanding of what is right and what is wrong with existing workspace design and management. We are now developing a template for a genuinely smart office."

Professor Alex Haslam, from The University of Queensland's School of Psychology, who also co-authored the study added: "The 'lean' philosophy has been influential across a wide range of organisational domains. Our research questions this widespread conviction that less is more. Sometimes less is just less".

Marlon Nieuwenhuis added: "Simply enriching a previously Spartan space with plants served to increase productivity by 15% - a figure that aligns closely with findings in previously conducted laboratory studies. This conclusion is at odds with the present economic and political zeitgeist as well as with modern 'lean' management techniques, yet it nevertheless identifies a pathway to a more enjoyable, more comfortable and a more profitable form of office-based working."

MARIE CAFFREY, Head of at interior landscaping company, said: "We know from previous studies that plants can lower physiological stress, increase attention span and improve well-being. But this is the first long-term experiment carried out in a real-life situation which shows that bringing plants into offices can improve well-being and make people feel happier at work. Businesses should rethink their lean processes, not only for the health of the employees but for the financial health of the organisation."

To learn more about office productivity with plants here

office plants benefitsbest office plants dublin

Best 15 Plants for Your Office

Does your office ever feel stuffy or artificial? Adding some green to your workspace can fix that! Office plants help sharpen your focus, improve your health and purify the air. Having a plant in a room for just one day can remove up to 87% of toxins! The statistics below reveal science-backed benefits of bringing a little bit of nature inside. Creating a healthier (and more appealing) office space is as simple as bringing in the right greenery.

office plants benefits

Best 15 office plants for any office


best office plants dublin

To learn more about getting the best plants into your business then please checkout out our website here

The Best Entry-Level Road Bikes For Beginners [2017 Buyer’s Guide]

Street bicycles can be a great affair out of the blue rider. As you most likely definitely know, riding a street bicycle can give you not just with an invigorating time riding over many sorts of territory like mountains and so forth, yet it can likewise give you a great work out also.

See More Entry Level Road Bikes Here

The affection these things and that's just the beginning, however my most loved is taking a gander at the wonderful view, yet I deviate. Best Entry Level Road Bikes for Beginners There is immense determination of section level street bicycles for your financial plan from a few unique brands. It truly comes down to what is your financial plan and certain highlights that fit. Here you can discover a few decisions that very well might be what you are searching for.

Best Men's Road Bike To Buy

The Giordano Libero Men's Road Bike-700c is an extraordinary decision out of the entryway on the off chance that you are searching for something that is high caliber and rides well.

This specific model was hand made and has an exceptionally lightweight aluminum outline. It additionally includes Shimano Claris 16 Speed STI shifters and derailleurs. It is evaluated at 4.2 stars with more than 140 client surveys.

Top of the line Vilano Road Bike On The Market

This Vilano Shadow Road Bike is another amazing determination. This one likewise includes Shamano STI incorporated shifters. Made with a lightweight 6061 butted aluminum Aero outline with coordinated headset.

This is an exceptionally reasonable passage level bicycle and it is appropriate for driving, practicing and wellness. It is evaluated at 4.1 stars and as indicated by more than 75 audits, it is well worth looking at.

Best Schwinn Road Bicycle For The Price

In the event that you are searching for the ideal drop bar street bicycle, at that point look at the Schwinn Phocus 1400 700C Bicycle. OutDoorAnalysis This 18 inch outline bicycle comes in dark and is customized for riding bicycle ways and exercise.

It is a lightweight bicycle and responsive. More highlights incorporate Shimano 14 speed raise derailleur and Shimano shifters, amalgam edges and caliper street brakes.

How to Download Windows 10 from Microsoft – Windows 10

We officially showed to you legitimate philosophies to make a Windows 10 USB foundation media when playing out a clean present of Download Windows 10 ISO, however there might be an event where the primary machine you have available is a Mac. We'll show you to make a bootable USB streak drive with the Windows 10 installer from a Mac. It's less requesting than you may associate, on account with the innate Boot Camp Assistant from Apple.

Download Windows 10 Disk Image

In any case, you need to download the Windows 10 ISO archive. Go to the download page and select the right form of Windows 10 in the dropdown menu. If you don't perceive what K, KN, or Single Language discharge stays for, essentially select Windows 10 in the once-over.

Make USB installer with Boot Camp Assistant

In the wake of downloading the ISO record, you'll need to use Boot Camp Assistant to move it to a bootable USB drive.

Insert a USB streak drive to your Mac. Guarantee it's no under 8GB, which is commonly separate on the USB stick. You can in like manner check by right-tapping the USB drive on your work area and clicking Get Info. Check if the number close by Capacity is no under 8GB. Each one of the records in the drive will be eradicated, so guarantee there are no fundamental reports inside.

  • Open Boot Camp Assistant. The slightest requesting way to deal with dispatch it is through Spotlight Search, which you can raise by crushing Command and Spacebar. Press Enter to dispatch the application.
  • Check the case for "Make a Windows 7 or later shape present plate" and deselect "Present Windows 7 or later frame."
  • Snap Continue to proceed.
  • Preparing camp Assistant will subsequently discover the ISO record from your downloads coordinator, however guarantee it is the right archive. Tap the "Pick… " catch and discover the ISO record. Guarantee the objective circle is the USB thumb drive you've implanted.
  • Snap Continue. It can take around 20 minutes to game plan and set up the USB installer on the Mac.
  • Right when Boot Camp Assistant is done, the USB drive will be renamed to WININSTALL. Snap Quit to close the application and thereafter Eject the USB drive.

That is it! You now have a bootable USB drive with the Windowsbook 10 installer. You can use it to outline new Windows 10 PCs beginning with no outside help. We uncovered to you it was straightforward!

Best French Press Coffee Maker Reviews [Tested] – Top Picks 2017

Brewing coffee using a French press is now more and more common in the past few years since it produces a tasty, highquality walk efficiently. By permitting the coffee to jumpstart prior to compelling the reasons by way of a steel filter, then the French pressreleases sebum that make a robust, refreshing flavor that is not really feasible with drip coffee manufacturers.

Our next choice may be your Bodum Chambord. French Press Coffee Maker Bodum is your ideal manifestation of this glass French media. Its double filters -- just one metal net and something vinyl -- block coffee grounds in the cup, so which makes it probably one of the best presses we analyzed.

We spent 20 hours reading blogs, specialization java sites and forums to come across the top rated consumer-reviewed along with expert-tested French presses readily available now.

We chose the most notable nine services and products and, over an extremely caffeinated noodle stretch, conducted four comprehensive tests on preference, endurance, heat retention, and quantity of coffee grounds staying following having a pour. Additionally, we contrasted their primary metrics: cost, capacity, cleanup simplicity, substance, accessories, and durability. Our finalists are wholly manufactured from highquality stuff, such as borosilicate glass and metal.

Throughout our testing and research we found the very best way of brewing coffee with a French media.

Based on James Hoffman, '' World Barista Champion at 2007, the ideal method to take up a carafe could be your "break-and-clean" system, which will help to reduce the bitterness that many folks taste using French press coffee.
Another means to decrease resentment would be to make use of a water filter to purify your own water before making java.

Why You Need to use a French media

First, and above all, a French press is likely to create your coffee taste great. Drip coffee manufacturers count on newspaper filters which consume a number of the special and delicious organic oils in java. The French-press helps to ensure these oils allow it into your own cup, which creates a richer, stronger flavor.

Electric drip coffee manufacturers also suffer in their inability to become thoroughly and properly washed. As time passes, residue necessarily builds round the innerworkings of one's java system. This may lead to your coffee to taste rancid or old.

Unless it's fresh, a drip coffee kettle stays onto a heated surface, which has been cook and burn off the coffee once it's brewed, again rendering it taste rancid. Coffee is most useful if it is fresh, and also a French media is a easy approach to have fresh coffee.